Fashion Geek: Books For the Fashionable Bookworm

Who says you can’t be beautiful and smart? Within the past year a major influx in books focusing on fashion and its eccentric creators have hit the bookshelves, leading fashion lovers and book worms to rejoice.

A Beginner’s Guide to Australian Music

December in Australia is vastly different from where you probably are reading this. It's really, really warm, and while you're gearing up for snow, we are heading into our festival season.
Amy Adams

9 Christmas Movie Options (Based on Who You’re Watching With)

Last-minute Oscar contenders aside, there’s a wealth of flicks to go see, no matter who you’re celebrating Christmas with (or who you're hanging out with on December 25th, celebrating Christmas or no).

The Little Things That Kept Us Going in 2013

Let’s look at some of the best of life’s small pleasures from 2013.

7 Depressing Christmas Episodes

These 7 brilliantly crafted episodes of television depict Christmas as it is: complicated, and sometimes kinda depressing.
Upstream Color

Portable’s Best Films of 2013 So Far

The best films of 2013 are really bringing it down to the wire.

The 10 Best Trailers of 2013

Ever since purchasing a Movie Pass back in March, I find myself going to about two or three movies every week. That means I see a total of around 55 trailers per month.




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